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My Biz Suite enables businesses build both websites, mobile Apps and critical business applications that would simplify their businesses with few mouse clicks

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About My Biz Suite

My Biz Suite is a complete Business Automation System. It is a ready-made, automated product developed for a specific business niche. My Biz Suite was developed to assist users that would love to start their business instantly with all the tools they need to be successful. The user is free to activate or deactivate tools based on their requirement. Some of the things you can do with My Biz Suite are:

  • Apps Builder: Instant websites or mobile apps builder with a powerful backend to manage your website
  • Digital Marketing: SEO, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Business Places & Maps, etc
  • Integrated Social Media Pages: Manage all your social media post and pages from a single dashboard
  • Make cheap local and international calls and free calls within your organisation
  • Cloud Services and domain name registeration
  • Stream your video to your site and all the social media website with a single camera
  • Sell your products online and offline with our POS system
  • Manage your customers from a single dashboard
  • Human Resources Integrated including secured Payroll system
  • And many more
If your business or a specific tool that you need in your business is not listed, visit our forum to request that we add that feature and it would be added in the next release. My Biz Suite is an extension of our primary website, which is the center for our customised solutions. If you want us to build custom solution for your business only, please submit a request by clicking here.

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Smart Biz POS

This is our customized tablet sized electronic hardware that we have created to assist you manage every aspect of your business. It is a complete suite for your business. A tool every business owner that wants to suceed should have as it makes things extremely easy for you. It helps business owners do the follings

  • Manage their Human Resources (HR system)
  • Manage their accounting without employing an accountant
  • Manage their customers via CRM
  • digital marketing (social networks, email marketing, SEO, etc) Manage all social network post via single dashboard
  • receipt printing
  • Free 1 year subscription for My Biz Suite
  • etc.
It is linked to your websites. It is battery powered and comes in two flavours master (for the business owner or administrator) and slave for your staff members. It can be further customized to fit your business all you need to do is submit your request

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Simplified Business Automation

We have simplified business automation by producing diy tools that will enable you get started very fast. We have tried to produce tools for every business. In case, yours is not in the list, you can submit your business type and our engineers with start developing it. If your requirement is different we can easily customize it to suite your business. Every business can be automated, be it educational institutions, agriculture, stores, manufacturers,etc. 

Coming Soon: Developers Play Ground


Cybertruss is a software company that also build customized embedded electronic system

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